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Introducing Pro Tan

Every Pro Tan product is produced to work with athletic physiques in their finest state, to treat the skin as a soft canvas, to tone and tan the skin to reflect the individual and reveal their true definition without compromise.

Pro Tan UV tanning lotions are designed to condition the skin and produce a rich, golden tan. With essential oils and an enticing fragrance, ProTan tan accelerators are a favourite with professional beauticians.  If you want a tan that will last and look flawless, buy Pro Tan from the lines we have below. You will not be left wanting! Award winning, Pro Tan has become the very popular with some beauty experts and celebrities alike.

How Pro Tan works

This unique blend of quadruple extended and instant bronzers formulated in a natural base of Sunflower, Coconut and Monoi de Tahiti Oil, condition skin while advanced tanning accelerators and skin care ingredients create a dark glow.

Non – Tingle – these products have no tingle or bronzers, but still have all the ingredients needed to achieve the desired tanning result.  Non- tingle lotions contain the most skin conditioning ingredients, which assists the skin tanning process in order to develop a natural tan.

Outrageously Sexy:

Double Dark Tanning Lotion – No Added Bronzers

You are the envy of your social circle. You are the talk of the crowd. Girls and guys alike stare and admire. You are not cute, you are Outrageously Sexy!    A fast action tanning cream that will darken your sexy skin. Look thinner and feel better with a golden bronze tan and vita-enriched skin. Fragrance:Vanilla Almond….. A fast tan accelerator with no Added Bronzers.  Suggested User – All

Irresistably Tan

Pure Tan maximizer 20XX Ultra Dark Lotion

Irresistibly Tan Pure Tan Maximizer 20XX Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion works the moment it glides onto your skin delivering a fast, deep dark tan with the most irresistibly golden glow. Combined with an exclusive blend of plush botanicals to bathe your skin in silky bliss and deep penetrating antioxidants, your skin will look bright and vibrant all day – every day. Suggested User – All

Radically Hemp:

Ultra Powerful 10X Dark Tanning Gelee Accelerator

Get ready for a real skin trip!  This totally Herbal HempnotiQ bronzing Blend will give peeps double vision as they check out your super bronze body!  A Primo Blend of 10X Dark Accelerators fused into a gelee base for instant epidermis penetration,  smoother skin and longer lasting color!  Along with Monoi de Tahiti oil, we tossed in exotic botanicals, vital skin nutrients and natures very own pure skin conditioner-Aloe Vera!  A fast tan accelerator with no Added Bronzers. Fragrance: Sweet Almond.

Suggested User – Intermediate tanners

Bronzers – contains natural ingredients which provide instant colour to the skin.  The heat from the sunbed combined with the lotion helps the bronzers develop a natural looking tan fast.

Bodaciously Black:

Powerful 50XX ULTRA DARK Lotion

Remarkably Powerful 50XX ULTRA DARK Lotion with Instant Bronzing Beads.  Watch heads turn with your newfound brazen bronze color only achieved from this exceptionally silky smooth, advanced formula.  Rich, moisture replenishing blend for temptingly touchable skin all day, every day with the added benefits of high speed micro bronzing beads that provide an instant burst of bronze for that perfect off the beach glow!  This remarkable formula will leave you with a gorgeous, deep, dark, long lasting bronze color for all to envy. “Striking Yet Refined”.  Suggested User – Intermediate tanners.

Unbelieveably Black:

Extreme Tanning 25x Ultra Dark Bronzing Lotion

This awe inspirig extreme tanning blend is guaranteed to turn you into a bronzed believer.  Synergistically formulated tan maximimizers along with both black and DHA bronzers,  amplify your true tanning potential !   Natural exotic extracts, Aloe Vera and magical silicones, provide the perfect conditioning properties that keep your skin healthy and luminous while you tan.  This extreme, paraben free formula will leave you with a gorgeous, deep, dark, long lasting bronze colour like you could only imagine.  Believe it !!! Fragrance : Sweet Almond and Vanilla Cream. A fast tanning accelerator with added bronzers. Suggested User – Intermediate tanners.

Incredibly Black:

Ultra Powerful,10X Double Dark Bronzing Lotion

Find complete synergy with this ambitious bronzing dark tanning formula that will make everyone envious of your gorgeous, Incredibly Black allure.  Go super dark with this 10X bronzing blend harmoniously infused with advanced tanning accelerators, natural exotic extracts, Monoi de Tahiti Oil and the perfect skin conditioning properties of pure Aloe Vera. Fragrance: Sweet Almond & Vanilla Cream. This cream is fantastic value for money and is our no 1 best seller.  Suggested User – Intermediate tanners.

Stunningly Bronze:

Crowd Stopping 50XX Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion

Own Every Moment, You Deserve It! Drive em wild while you become the master of your art with this advanced ultra dark tanning lotion guaranteed to turn your tan on like never before. This exquisite blend of rich moisturizers along with our exclusive 50XX Black Bronzing Complex lets you flaunt it all day every day. Natural exotic extracts, Aloe Vera and magical silicones provide the perfect conditioning properties that keep your skin healthy and luminous while you tan. This extreme, Paraben free formula will leave you with a gorgeous, deep, dark, long lasting bronze color for up to seven days.  Suggested Users – Intermediate tanners

Luminous Legs:

Dark Tan Bronzer For Legs

Firm, Smooth, Sleek.   This exclusive legs only formula is specially blended to provide the perfect gorgeous golden bronze look after just one use. Rich moisturizers and skin illuminators leave a sexy, satin sheen that highlight your gorgeous pins for all day attraction!  The perfect fast absorbing lotion for firm, smooth, sleek looking legs. Show’em Off!

Tingle- recommended for advanced tanners and not recommended for use on your face.  These lotions enable you to see and feel your skin tanning immediately.  The ingredients stimulate the skins micro-circulation, which increases the oxygen supply to the skin, which helps your skins ability to tan.  A temporary redness will occur, along with a tickling or itching sensation (feels like sunburn, but it isn’t) which can last for a couple of hours after tanning.  Great as a booster to slow-tanning legs

Hot Tottie:

Hot Action Dark Tanning Lotion

Naughty heat for a delectably dark tan to be envied by all!  Talk about a tantalising rosy flush with a dark golden brown hue…Hot Tottie leaves you with a deep ,long lasting tan. Vitamins A,C & E help maintain healthy skin, while the rich moisturising blend of Mango and Cocoa butter assures a silky smooth, supple tone, both during and after tanning. Fragrance:Spun Sugar,Touch of Mocha.  Suggested User-  Advanced tanners. Tingler/Bronzer

Seriously Hot:

Extreme Sizzle 10X Double Dark,Bronzing Lotion

You’re Bold,Sexy,Beautiful and proad of it! This productis your alter ego…You’re Seriously Hot!Sultry 10X bronzer fused with a level 8 Tingle Complex to set your skin on fire and colour to a glowing deep reddish brown. Vitamins A,C & E blended with Shea Butter, Monoi de Tahiti and Coconut Oil, provides continuous silky smooth skin hydration. Glow-Baby-Glow. Fragrance:Gentle Mocha & light Berry Suggested Users – Advanced tanners. Tingle/Bronzer

Totally Baked:

Blazin Hot Action Black Bronzing Gelee

You will love the feeling of being totally baked and bronzed with the wicked power and intense heat of this ultra dark gelee tanning formula. Experience what mega doses of high powered tanning accelerators combined with intense heat and tingling oxidizers can do for you.  We are talking the deepest, darkest craziest tan possible-then leave your worries behind while this hemp infused lotion and vitamin enriched formula moisturises and soothes your skin. Fragrance. Spun Sugar. Suitable for advanced tanners. Fast tan accelerator with added bronzers and tingle.

Thats Hot – Tingle/Bronzer:

Hot Bronzing creamy oil

Be Careful What You Wish For!  If you’re into hot, sultry tanning then this formula is for you.  Extremely intense tingle & heat factor coupled with quad bronzers makes for a wildly hot tanning experience for the true die hard.  Combining CX2 Skin Firming Complex for younger, firmer looking skin.  The ultimate hot tingle formula featuring a fast absorbing creamy oil base that maximizes your true tanning potential.  You Can Handle It!  Extreme Hot Tingle Action Black Bronzers for Immediate Colour. DHA Develops and Maintains a Deeper, Even Skin Tan. High Power, Fast Acting Accelerating Blend. Ultra Sheen Formula Absorbs Quickly . Moisturizes Skin While Tanning CX2 Skin Firming Complex with Caffeine, L-Carnitine, Coenzyme A & Coenzyme Q. A tingler with added bronzers.  Suitable for advanced tanners.

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