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Semi-Permanent Make Up – done by Lucy White…..

Semi Permanent make up is a procedure whereby minute particles of iron oxide colour pigments are implanted into the skin.  Semi Permanent make up is great for people who have little time to apply conventional make up every day, people with asymmetrical features, people with allergies, people who want more definition to lips or brows. Alopecia and cancer patients, along with anyone who likes to look their best at all times.


A perfectly shaped brow will frame your face and greatly improve your overall appearance. An eyebrow procedure is ideal for people with little or no hair due to over plucking or alopecia or simply for someone wishing to create the perfect shaped brows they’ve always wanted. To create your perfect brows Lucy may use the very popular hair stroke effect or alternatively a soft powdered effect, depending on the desired look. The hair stroke brow technique recreates your eyebrows with thin hair strokes to produce long-lasting results which are incredibly natural and realistic.  The powdered effect treatment subtly shades the brows with a soft mist of colour. This is ideal for those who have eyebrow hair but want more definition as it enhances the natural brow.

Natural hair stroke eyebrows – £295
Powdered brows – £295
3d effect hair stroke brows using 3 colours – £350
Annual top up treatment – £120-£150


A lip procedure is ideal for those that regularly wear lip liner or lipstick or someone that wishes to enhance fullness or colour. Choose from lip liner, a subtle lip blush or a full lip colour. By using semi-permanent make up it is possible to re contour asymmetrical lips, add definition to thinning lips and create a youthful flush of colour that can take years off your appearance. Whether you want to delicately enhance or make a statement Lucy can help you achieve the perfect, hassle free pout!

Lip Liner – £245
Lip Blush – £295
Full lip colour – £395
Annual top up treatment – £150


Eyeliner defines, widens and brightens the eye area. With semi permanent make up you can have perfectly applied eye liner without the need for constant touch ups or those irritating smudges! Choose from a subtle, natural liner to enhance your lashes or a bolder more dramatic look. The option to have top, bottom or both is available as well as a variety of colour choices to enable you to choose your perfect eye liner.

Eyeliner top or bottom – £200
Eyeliner top & bottom – £275
Annual top up – £100
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